Most-a-tarian recipes

These most-a-tarian recipes are geared toward folks trying to cut down their meat intake or wanting to give it up altogether. I consider myself a most-a-tarian because most of the time I’m vegetarian. But there are occasions when you just can’t be vegetarian without being miserable, say, at a conference with no veg options or the option is something like cheese and crackers, which won’t get you through the day.

The main reason these recipes are here, though, is because I wanted a central location to get to all my recipes quickly.



I’ve never had significant formal cooking training outside of my summer jobs as a kid and the occasional cooking class. I’m not a nutritionist either! Just someone trying to make healthier and nicer-to-animals food choices that taste good and are satisfying.

Huh? What are “nicer to animals” food choices?

It’s getting easier to buy meats from humanely (or at least somewhat humanely) raised and killed animals but we’re still not there yet. Specialty shops are starting to carry humane certified, organic meats. As far as cheese and milk go, I’ve found no such promises on any packaging in my local grocery stores, and dairy cows still suffer great abuses, so I’m anxiously awaiting the days of cheese and milk from truly happy cows. Humane certified eggs are available in nearly every one of our local grocery stores, a good step!

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