Our recipes: paleo & near paleo

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If you know someone fighting ALS, you might mention our diet to them. We’ve found that it has worked on several patients with ALS (PALS). We’re no doctors, but we think it works by reducing inflammation, feeding mitochondria, and getting protein to the muscles that have not yet atrophied.

Side note: We’ve just recently heard about AIP, which sounds promising too; we may start to incorporate some AIP principles into our diet.

The key principles to our near paleo diet (often full paleo/organic diet), which was brought to us by the smart people at Radix Fitness, include:

  1. Avoiding sugars, grains, and dairy
  2. Increasing protein intake (grass-fed whey protein, organic chicken, organic grass fed beef, no hormones or antibiotics ever, no preservatives/additives/pink slime)
  3. Increasing antioxidant foods, foods with a variety of colors,  & nutrient rich foods (organic goji berries, swiss chard, beets, liver). Here’s info from a doctor who beat MS–this is one reason we think lots of dark greens help PALS:  Minding your mitochondria. Also see Bernardo’s experience (father is a doctor). We think it was Deanna’s father (of the Deanna protocol) who noted that coconut oil is able to be absorbed directly by mitochondria (does not need to be digested). Certainly we’ve seen several sources that say coconut oil can increase mitochondria’s respiratory capacity.
  4. Eliminating/reducing toxins in the food you eat, drinks you consume, even the stuff you put on your skin.

We think the good results we’ve seen are due, at least in part, to a combination of the above plus a tailored workout and supplements regimen, also brought to us by the smart people at Radix Fitness. We plan to post more info on workouts and supplements soon, but really, those need to be tailored to the individual by a good doctor, professional trainer, and nutritionist. Keep in mind all of this is no cure but it may increase energy level & mobility.

Our paleo & near paleo meals:


  • We use coconut oil for nearly all cooking oils
  • We use Coconaise instead of mayonaise
  • We use honey instead of sugars
  • We use spiralized squashes instead of pasta (we bought the Veggie Bullet for spiralizing)
  • We use almond flour and other non-grain flours instead of grain-based flours
  • We use almond milk instead of regular dairy milk
  • On occasion, we use sheep’s milk cheese but otherwise we don’t use cheese

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